Thursday, October 21, 2010

And the winner is...

At the starting gate...




HE MADE IT!!! Spencer placed 12th overall, 4th from his team. His team-mates placed 5th, 9th, 10th and 19th for a combined score of 50 points!

After many months of hard work and
many. many, many miles of training...

BRHS won its first Cross Country Team Championship ever !

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Our Grandson!!!
Tyson Ace


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Still here...

Well, we are still here and although this blog will never keep up with real life, my children have prompted me not to totally abandon it! So here is a very breif update... Meagan has totally enjoyed having everyone home this summer. She loves to play with all her brothers and sisters! She is getting so grown up and although she is only going on 3 this fall, she could easily pass for 4 or 5. She had so much fun at Family reunions this summer and hanging out with cousins too!
Amy's big event this summer was her baptism on June 3rd. She had a fun summer doing Book Club with Sarah and some neighborhood girls. She loved Cub River and trips to SLC. She is a beautiful piano player and goes to her first ballet class after school today!!!

Joseph LOVED our trip to Island Park with Grammie and Grandpa C. this summer. He has been busy with cub scouts and piano lessons. He reads all the time and is doing great in 4th grade this year!

Sarah has grown up so much this year! She just turned 12 and started Young Womens. She loves playing the clarinet in 7th grade band and babysitting around the neighborhood. She and Rebecca joined a City Track Team this summer and had fun running together.

Rebecca had a fantastic summer. She decided to rent a tenor saxophone and teach herself how to play so she could join band this year. She loves it, so now in addition to piano and violin (orchestra), she is now playing in the middle school band. She is also playing soccer this fall on a Competitive Team with Sarah and keeping busy with Young Womens.
Spencer had fun this summer doing a Shakespeare play and going on Trek with our ward. He has been super busy lately. He did track in the spring and he is now running Varsity Cross Country. He is also playing saxophone in Jazz Band and Marching Band. He has a new job at a furniture store in town two days a week. He is taking a full load of classes at the High school and one online class too. He is most excitedly counting down the days until he turns 16 and can cram a little dating into his already packed schedule...

Janelle graduated from BRHS in June. She got a great scholarship to USU. She got a job at a call center in Logan and just moved in to an apartment with 4 fun girls. She has had a great first week of college, but we are hoping she decides to schedule in some sleep time for her second week...

Bethany and Stetsen have a cute little apartment in Holladay. Bethany is still working at the Uof U Preschool and taking classes in Math and Speech Pathology. Stetsen is going to SLCC and starts an exciting new job TODAY at the hospital! We LOVE their cheery phone calls and visits!

Heather and Garrick are working and going to school in Logan. We are so glad they are close by! They are expecting a baby boy any day now!!! We are all so excited we can hardly stand it...

Brianna and Nick moved to a great apartment in Cottonwood Heights. Brianna is working in a law office, and having fun with photography on the side. Nick is still working at L3 and finishing his senior year at the UofU.

Eric and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary this summer with a fun trip to SLC. We can't believe how blessed we have been for these past 25 years and look forward to the next 250! The best part of life is family time together! We are so grateful for our family and the sacrifices they all make to be with us and help each other!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Winter fun!

When life gives you snow...

make a snow dragon!

Or grab the sleds and head for a hill...

video video video video video video video